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House Hotel for Self Sufficient People

Suitable for self-sufficient people who do not need continuous medical and health care.

A hotel house for self-sufficient people consists in fact, in a structure specialized in the supply of residential, hotel and protection services where guests can move permanently with the utmost respect for their privacy and safety and, not least, with great benefit for the whole family.

When for one person  taking care of oneself becomes too difficult and the family does not have the space to welcome him or the time to take care of him properly, choosing to rely on a hotel house for self-sufficient people is certainly the ideal solution. For both sides.

For a person, living in a residence for self-sufficient people such as "La Casa degli Artisti" means:

  • enjoy all the spaces they need to cultivate their privacy and relaxation with the added opportunity to relate to other people, be in company and entertain pleasant friendships.

  • no longer having to worry about boring and often tiring household chores such as cleaning, washing, preparing meals or shopping. In a hotel house for self-sufficient people, a hotel service of board and lodging and personal care is guaranteed.

Even for family members, the hotel house for self-sufficient people offers only enormous advantages; from the psychological one of knowing that your loved one is safe and peaceful to the practical one of being able to rely on people in the facility to meet their every need.

This means that free from thoughts, worries and feelings of guilt, the moments of meeting are truly transformed into occasions of joy and serenity for both parties.

If you are interested in spending time with us, request information by calling the Telephone 06/9888394 cell. 346/9453404  or by writing to

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