To the beach in Lazio

Nettuno is a seaside town in Lazio on the Tyrrhenian Coast, about 50 km south of Rome, it used to be the summer residence of several roman emperors.

The beach is wide and sandy: there are several seaside resorts, but it also provides ample room for free beaches. Worthy of note is the green pine forest at Campana that extends north and the forest Foglino east of Nettuno.















Nettuno  has a very comfortable climate

Summer is mildly windy and never too hot; winter is never too cold with scarce rains


Nettuno sits in an ideal location for those  wishing to visit other famous tourist destinations of Lazio such as:

  • Rome ( about 55 km away)
  • The Castelli Romani, Castel Gandolfo and Nemi Lakes (40 km away)
  • The National Park and the Promontory of Circeum (50 km away)
  • Naples 220 km away (highway a1)
  • Pontine Islands
  • The ruins of Nero's Villa in Anzio (3 km away)
  • The spas in Giuggi (80 km away)
  • The Botanical Garden of Ninfa (35 km away)

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